I'm a Sound Designer.

I live in Vancouver, Canada.

This is where you can find all my work.

Thanks for checking it out.

Harrison Casavant

Jinah Kim

Xavier Lucente

Frank Munro

Troy Reimer

Yue Zhang

Many thanks to Nexus Studios for granting me permission to use their visuals

The Story Of An Idea

Sound ReDesign

This is my final project for my year at Vancouver Film School's Sound Design Program.
I created sound effects, performed foley, edited music, recorded voice actors, and mixed my soundtrack in 5.1 to be played back in a theatre for my graduation showcase.
This is the stereo mix. Enjoy!


Sound Design

Foley Artist

ADR Recordist

Re-recording Mixer

Preston Wright

Graeme Thompson

Yue Zhang



Foley Recordists

ADR Recordists