The Secret To Life



A New Phase Awaits You :-)
The Secret To Life
High In Brighton
Strawberry Jam
Close One
I Just Died
Rocket League
Hell Of A Ride
As Good As It Gets
You, Me, Lonely
Lights Out
The Grand Finale

Feb. 20, 2024

This album makes me feel like I have four best friends in Dodie, Greta Isaac, Orla Gartland, and Martin Luke Brown. The album paralells its development to a friendship, with the songs evoking a feeling of genuine and vulnerable connection. The front end of the album starts off as fun and asburd silliness in the first four tracks. From there it flips back and forth between songs on slightly more heart-wrenching themes and silly Carpe Diem type tunes.

The final track, The Grand Finale, is my favourite. It's like they're simultaneously saying goodbye to the listener, each other, and this specific frame of time in which the four of them experienced the magic of creating this album. There's a sense of shared foresight that this is the moment in time that they're going to look back on as 'the time of their lives' and with that knowledge, they may as well put in their all and go out with a bang.

If you enjoyed this album, I'd recommend listening to each artist's individual work, as each of them have amazing solo albums from prior to collaborating as FIZZ.